Prana is an ageless concept embodying the natural energy of the universe.

This all-pervading energy may be in a static or a dynamic state, and is found in all living things from the most colossal to the tiniest microscopic speck. Characterized as, “the breath of creation,” prana is the vital force – the magnetism that binds us, and everything, together.

We believe the marketing strategy for your business should achieve something similar: to create a consistent, pervasive identity for your business, product, or client. A strategy that molds unity across a wide array of representations, thereby strengthening your overall image. The end-result grants your identity a state of perpetual awareness and accessibility. That is effective marketing.

Who are these people?
With roots spreading to the corners of the U.S., the Prana personas connected in the extraordinarily vibrant town of Austin – a wellspring of creativity in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We find sustenance in our daily breakfast tacos, live music, active debate, and swims in the natural springs near our office. Our surroundings provide a brilliant palette to paint life colorful, rewarding, and fun. How, then, do we find time for our work? Easy answer. We love it! Design is our game and we aim for as much playtime as possible. We relish the inherent challenge in creating or enhancing a brand or image. But most importantly, we retain a steady focus, always keeping our clients’ best interest as top priority.



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